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Instantly Cash Your Cheque Fast & Hassle-Free!

Highly-rated in Melbourne, Victoria for well over 13 years, we've been in the business of cheque cashing to more than 50,000 satisfied customers who managed to receive their cash in an instant.

Located in Melbourne, Cash Cheque, is a highly efficient cheque cashing service, we give our customers the convenience and safety of turning their bank cheques into instant cash.

  • Wage and Salary Cheques

  • Bank Cheques

  • Wage and Salary Cheques

  • Benefit Cheques Instantly Cashed

  • Tax Refund Cheques

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  • Not Negotiable Cheques

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  • Gaming, Lottery and Dividend Cheques

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  • Benefit Cheques

  • ...and plenty of other types of instantly cashed except for Personal Cheques

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*We will pay to the nearest $5 denomination. If your suburb or area does not display, call us for a quote 1300 055 998


Get Your Cash Right now, We've had Over 35,000 Satisfied Customers Who Have Cashed Their Cheques With Our Services in Melbourne.

Turn Cheques Into Cash Today

Cash Cheque can cash most type’s cheques. Don’t wait days and days for bank clearance. Get the cash right now when you need it most! We specialise in cheques payable to both businesses and individuals.

Tired of waiting 3 to 5 days for Banks to clear your cheques? Wait no more!

Cash Cheque offers Mobile Cheque Cashing service from just 9% (+ $20 admin fee).

Minimum $50 Fees for amount less than $399.

Unlike Banks, we are prepared to Cash your bank cheque and are willing to go to you for your instant cash needs.Our fees are the most competitive in the market. Cash Cheque offers fast and Secure Cash Advance in Melbourne to help you in your momentary budgetary needs.

We cash:

1. Business to Business Cheques

We cash cheques payable to your business. All we need is your business Registration Certificate and Personal Identification.

2. Cheques Payable to you

All we need is 100 points of ID

Improve you business Cash Flow and Get your Cash Now! Call us on 1 300 055 998 we will always be here to help.

Call Us Now On 1300 055 998 Because WE ARE THE BEST!


Affordable Rates



To Returning Customers


arrival time

Satisfied Customers

each customer is important
to us

How Do I Cash My Cheque?

Call our hotline on 1300 055 998

provide ID and cheque details

arrange time and meeting place

complete application

receive your cash

Contact Us NOW For THE BEST Cashing Services!

  • Evelyn Spencer

    I have been going to Cash Cheque in Melbourne for long time and I have always been looked after and walked happy. The staff there are amazing and always respected me.
  • Benjamin Noble

    Have had a cheque cashing with Cash Cheque every year since 2013. The staff at the office have always been helpful, fair & honest. Highly recommend this team.

  • Daniel Dines

    Super pleased with the amazing customer service. Very professional. They're always smiling, with great energy willing to help you out. Will definitely recommend to anyone who's seeking to cash their checks, or are going to send money to their loved ones. They offer these services and more. Satisfied customer.

  • Zahra Clarkson

    The customer service experience was phenomenal and the employees were really interested in my check cashing needs. Sheila and Lisbeth thank for your help. You guys were very helpful

Contact Us NOW For THE BEST Cashing Services!


Affordable rates



to returning customers


arrival time

Satisfied Customers

each customer is important
to us

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