About Cash Cheque

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About Cash Cheque

Cash Cheque provide a highly reliable cheque cashing service, we cash almost all types of cheques, no amount too big or too small. Why wait for up to 5 days for the Bank to clear your funds when you can receive cash on the spot at Cash Stop. We Specialise In Cheques Payable to Both Businesses & Individuals

Business to Business Cheques

We cash cheques payable to your business. We provide cash on the spot. All you need is your Business Registration Certificate and personal identification.

Cheques payable to you

All you need is suitable photo ID (e.g. Passport or Drivers Licence) plus one other form of identification.

Types of Cheques cashed

Cash Cheque can cash many cheques such as:

  • Business Cheques
  • Company Cheques
  • Post Dated Cheques
  • Bank Cheques
  • Account Payee Cheques
  • Government Cheques
  • Wage and Salary Cheques
  • Benefit Cheques
  • Tax Refund Cheques
  • Not Negotiable Cheques
  • Money Orders
  • Dividend Cheques
  • Foreign Currency Cheques

Some Conditions Apply.

To make an enquiry, please contact your nearest branch.

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