24/7 instant cheque cashing - just what you need when in a pinch.

The one and only way to get your money fast. Quickly cash a check today with our speedy service!

We have been providing the most efficient way to get cash in Melbourne for more than a decade. We offer instant service with our 50,000 customers who come through every year!

Cash Cheque is the perfect way to turn your bank cheques into instant cash. We are located in Melbourne, and provide our customers with safety and convenience when cashing their cheques for them!

  • Wage and Salary Cheques

  • Bank Cheques

  • Wage and Salary Cheques

  • Benefit Cheques Instantly Cashed

  • Tax Refund Cheques

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  • Not Negotiable Cheques

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  • Gaming, Lottery and Dividend Cheques

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  • Benefit Cheques

  • ...and plenty of other types of instantly cashed except for Personal Cheques

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Get Your Cash Right now, We've had Over 35,000 Satisfied Customers Who Have Cashed Their Cheques With Our Services in Melbourne.

Turn Cheques Into Cash Today

Cash Cheque is the fastest way to bring in hard-earned cash. We are experts at cashing cheques, ours or yours! Give us a call right now and we will make sure you get your money as soon as possible.

We know you're tired of waiting 3 to 5 days for Banks to clear your cheques. So why not give us a try?

Cash Cheque offers Mobile Check Cashing service from just 9% (+ $20 admin fee).

We charge a $50 minimum fee for any item less than the total of $399.

Cash Cheque is here to help! Our fees are the most competitive in the market, and we're willing to come visit you for your instant cash needs. With our "One-Stop Shop" service there's no need to go around town looking at other banks or loan companies - just call us up and see what Cash Cheque can do for you today!

We cash:

1. Business to Business Cheques

If you need to cash a cheque, our helpful staff is always happy to help with any of your banking needs. Just bring in your business registration certificate and personal identification card - we'll take care of the rest!

2. Cheques Payable to you

Call us on 1 300 055 998, where our team will always be there to help.

Call Us Now On 1300 055 998 Because WE ARE THE BEST!

Game Cheque Cashed
TAB Cheques Instantly Cashed
Benefits & Tax Cashed Cheques
NO Personal Cheques

Cash in your cheque in a second

As soon as you can, come in and we'll take care of that for you.

We all know that sometimes you need money quickly. That's why we're here at Cashcheque! With just a few steps, you can have your hands on the cash in hand within hours and ready to use with no surprises waiting around every corner like other payday loans might offer. You don't want any hidden charges or unnecessary fees - of course not - so our service is as low cost as possible without compromising quality or customer satisfaction for anything else too complicated either. So if it sounds good from this far away then come fly over to us today because by tomorrow we may be gone again!

It's time to get out of the slow lane and stop wasting your money. CashCheques is here with its speedy, convenient service that will have you saving on every transaction! Choose us for an easier cheque cashing experience without any hassle so you'll never have a problem again - we are always open!

We provide the best rates in Melbourne for loans and access to funds. You'll never have long waits on hold or slow transfers again with our quick service!

CashCheques - where you'll always find the best rates. We're open all day, every day so there's never a need to wait for banking hours ever again!

Plus we have some of the lowest rates in town (but don't take our word on it- check them out yourself). Give us a call today and see why everyone loves CashCheques 1300 055 998

The best instant cash chequing mobile service in Melbourne.

Cheque cashing is a process where you take your cheques to an agent and they are then converted into cash. This can be done either by receiving payment in the form of instant money or waiting for it to clear which usually takes at least two days. The Cashcheques team will make sure everything goes smoothly every step of the way by checking if funds are actually readily available upfront before getting them transferred over into a cheque as soon as possible. No complicated fine print; it couldn't be any easier!

We know that the best feeling in the world is when you get your hands on cash, and we are here to help! Cashcheque can give it right back. It's a tough world out there and sometimes life likes to play games with us. The struggle is real, especially when we need some money but can't get it! Luckily for you, this financial service in Melbourne from one of the most trusted names in finance has your back. With these services you'll never have an issue - just fill out their application form (with any identification), bring along cheques that are already cashed-out so they're ready to be signed again while getting paid on the spot--and boom: all done!

From the clear advantages offered by Cashcheques, you should be aware of all that it can offer for your needs. You will find our services to be dependable and reliable when looking for solutions such as:

  • Gaming, Pokies & TAB Instant Cheque Cashing
  • Business, Government, Benefits & Tax Cheques Cashed
  • Bank cheques; superannuation funds or other personal checks cashed instantly

Call Us Now On 1300 055 998 Because WE ARE THE BEST!


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Satisfied Customers

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We've been helping people in the Melbourne area cash their checks for over 25 years.

When you find yourself in a tight spot, our team is here to help. We're experts at getting your money fast and deliver it right into your hands - anytime day or night! There are many benefits for people who need to access their money quickly. We offer flexible payment options and experienced, talented team members that can help you get your hands on the cash fast!

We know that life is unpredictable, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. With our simple pricing structure, convenient hours of operation and reliable service from experienced operators - getting cash in hand has never been easier!

You can cash your cheque at any of the many shops in our city!

Cashcheque is so happy that you found us to help make things easier for your day. With our instant cash chequing service, it's never been more convenient to get the money from any of your cheques! There's never been a better time to cash out your first credit card with us! All you need is some identification and an application form. We'll take care of the rest for you, along with providing maximum security (plus-we've got great customer service too!). 

The Finest in Melbourne

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting for a cheque to come in the mail? Well, we can help- Australia's leading instant cheque cashing service. Let us show how easy our services are and cash your check on site! It'll only take around 10 minutes of your time and then let CashCheques do all the work from there; delivering or collecting as needed - right where YOU need them too.

Cashcheque is Melbourne's leading cheque cashing company, and we make it easy for you to get your money when you need it most. It can be hard to find a cash-checking service that you trust; many companies out there don't offer the quality of customer care or reliability that CashCheque does.

Saving up for that special occasion? Get your cash fast with us today!

We know you're busy. Save time and get your money now with our easy to use online application process!

Cashing a check is one of those pesky tasks that only seems to get worse as time goes on. You have to make your way over and wait in line at the bank, then you just sit there while they process everything before finally getting any money! But now with Cashcheque, we come right to where you are so all it takes is for us to see ID. The service can be used 24/7 365 days from our mobile vans which never seem far away when life gets hectic again - whether day or night!

Cashcheque is the best way to get money, which makes it perfect for you. All that's needed are your ID and a form filled out online - once signed off on by us, we'll come right away with no hassle whatsoever! And if you don't need such an amount of cash at all times much as $1K or more? Then wait days outside a bank while taking up valuable time-saving resources. With Cashcheque everything can be done in less than 24 hours without any worry around what happens after payment acceptance: our team will take care of every aspect so there’s nothing left but getting paid!

Do you have a sudden need for quick cash but don't want to pay high fees or wait around? We'll help! You can get money the same day with our instant cheque cashing service and we offer 5-star reviews. Over 35,000 happy customers say they trust us as their partner in these tough times when you need some extra funds fast! If you need some quick cash, we are here to make it easy for you! With our 24/7 pickup locations across Melbourne and a few other areas around the country, there is sure to be one close by. Get an estimate of what your items will cost us plus how long they'll take with just one phone call at 1300 055 998 today.

Call Us Now On 1300 055 998 Because WE ARE THE BEST!

Business Cheques Cashed
Benefits Cheques Cashed
Super & Trust Fund Cheques Cashed
NO International Cheques

How Do I Cash My Cheque?

Call our hotline on 1300 055 998

provide ID and cheque details

arrange time and meeting place

complete application

receive your cash

Contact Us NOW For THE BEST Cashing Services!

  • Hugo Wyatt

    I have been going to Cash Cheque in Melbourne for long time and I’ve always felt valued by the staff there. They are amazing, attentive people who really care about you when they help walk your through their process!
  • Andrew Monson

    I have been coming to Cash Cheque every year since 2013. The staff has always been fair and honest, giving me great service each time I come in.

  • Imogen Hill

    If you need to cash a check, send money or want excellent customer service I would recommend this branch. They are always cheerful and have A+ energy so they will do everything in their power to help make your experience as pleasant as possible!

  • Zahra Clarkson

    I really appreciate your time and patience. I was not expecting such an insightful conversation about the intricacies of check cashing, but it's reassuring to know that big banks are being held accountable for their practices. Thank you again!

Contact Us NOW For THE BEST Cashing Services!


Affordable rates



to returning customers


arrival time

Satisfied Customers

each customer is important
to us

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